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Let’s get a few things straight right from the start: I wasn’t born in Istanbul (nor Turkey for that matter) neither am I the offspring of Turkish parents. On top of that, I can barely make myself understandable in the Turkish language. Yet, I felt the need to start this weblog about Istanbul. Why, one may wonder?

Welcome to Istanbul Trails. I’m the main author of this blog. I was born and raised in a European country significantly smaller in size than Turkey. I’m thirty-something, just like my wife, who is of Turkish origin. I’ve been living in Istanbul for exactly three years now.

Picture of Ortaköy in Istanbul, Turkey

It goes without saying that events like our marriage, in-laws from different countries/cultures, house hunting, job hunting, etc., together with previous ‘tourist’ experiences resulted in an invaluable amount of information. A treasure I want to share with the world to make the life of future tourists, expats or immigrants easier.

Welcome to Istanbul Trails!

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