First of all, I want to thank my wife for encouraging me to start Istanbul Trails (again), for all the support she gives and the patience she has. I would also like to extend my gratitude to Franz and Metehan for their idea’s and insights in some Turkish matters and who have become good friends over the years. Finally I would like to send a warm thank you to all my relatives and friends for their long-distance support and interest in our adventures and well-being.


The bulk of all the information (content, pictures, video’s, etc.) is written and/or created by me. However, it goes without saying that when I write about the history of Istanbul, some of its districts or the monuments I visited, I can’t write from my own experience. These events occurred way before my time, and most probably also before the time of the historians that wrote about it. I therefore consulted the sources below to create an as accurate as possible summary, which I believe resorts under the ‘fair use’ concept:

Terms Of Use

I try to make this blog as useful as possible for you, my audience. I therefore try to include prices, addresses (whenever possible), telephone numbers, url’s, email addresses, opening times, transportation information, etc.
This information is accurate at the time a certain article is written (check the date!) but is of course subject to change, hence should be treated as guidelines. This is certainly the case for prices, since the exchange rates tend to fluctuate quite a bit. I therefore chose to keep them in YTL, so you can easily calculate the real price in your own currency at any given time.


If you want to borrow or copy material from this website, please be fair enough to give me credit for the work by dropping me a line via the contact form and putting a link to Istanbul Trails. With regards to the pictures and video’s, they are copyright protected and may not be reproduced prior to my written permission.

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