Getting Around In Istanbul

Istanbul has a very diverse (public) transportation network.

Istanbul has a very diverse (public) transportation network.

The moment you set foot on Istanbul soil, you’ll have to take some kind of (public) transportation. And even after you have arrived at your hotel and are ready to embark for some sightseeing excursions, you’ll often find yourself planning transportation means to go from one area or tourist attraction to another.

Luckily, (public) transportation in Istanbul is pretty cheap and diverse. Buses, dolmuşes, minibuses, sea buses, ferries, metros, trams, trains and taxis are at your disposal to travel within the city, and beyond. While such an abundance of means may be a bit confusing at first, linked nicely to one another they serve every sport of Istanbul.

But the best way to explore a city is undoubtedly on foot. I therefore included a post for pedestrians in this Istanbul transportation overview.

To/From The Airport

On Foot

On Wheels


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