Istanbul Food & Drinks Guide

Istanbul has plenty of excellent restaurants and bars.

Istanbul has plenty of excellent restaurants and bars.

Turks love to eat! When foreigners are asked to name a Turkish food dish, the first thing that comes to their mind is kebap. But there is more to it than that, much more. The Turkish cuisine is not only very refined and diverse – it takes the best of both continents – it also respects the various seasons. Experience genuine Turkish food, and your tastebuds will be very grateful.

Turks love to drink! Tea and Turkish coffee mainly, throughout the day. But when the sun sets, even though Turkey is a Muslim country, the Istanbulites are not shy of a few drinks. Rakı– the national drink – obviously claims the first spot, closely followed by (Efes) beer.

Special note regarding the restaurant, café and pub listings – they are ordered alphabetically and by part of town. These listings are by no means intended to provide you with a review of every single restaurant, café or bar in Istanbul. Moreover, some establishmenst may be listed twice since their core business is not always clearly defined. Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, I can recommend them.


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