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What is Istanbul Trails?

Istanbul Trails is a blog (weblog) dedicated to helping people making the most of their stay in Istanbul – whether you’re here as a tourist on a city trip or as an expat for a more elaborated visit.

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Who am I?

At the end of 2004 I set sail for Istanbul for a sabbatical year off from work. Why Istanbul one may wonder? Back in 2001 I visited this cosmopolitan for the first time and I was immediately charmed by its beauty, its cultural inheritance, and the hospitality of the people and last but not least the melodious language of the inhabitants.

Not that I was acquainted with the latter, on the contrary! Although it sounded (and still does) as music to my ears, it proved to be one of the biggest hurdles I had to take. Aside from all the shortcomings I encountered along the way, I gradually fell more and more in love with this city where continents meet. Someone once told me:

Istanbul is like a drug: when you have it, sometimes you consider to get rid of it. But when you don’t have it, you desperately want it back!

In a way he was right! So I took one more year off from work to explore this ‘wisdom’ in depth. A year in which I met the love of my life, hence made me decide to permanently relocate to Istanbul.

It goes without saying that these events (marriage, in-laws from different countries/cultures, house hunting, job hunting, etc.) together with my previous ‘tourist’ experiences resulted in an invaluable amount of information. A treasure that I want to share with the world to make the life of future tourists, expats or immigrants easier.

Of course you don’t want to miss a thing!

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Welcome to Istanbul Trails!

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