Can Foreigners Use the Turkish Museum Card (Müzekart)?

The Museum Card (Müzekart) of Turkey gives unlimited access to the museums nationwide.

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In June 2008 the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry in cooperation with the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB) introduced the Museum Card (Müzekart) of Turkey. The holder of such a card (TL 20) has unlimited access to over 300 museums and ancient sites or ruins spread all over Turkey.

Why the Introduction of the Turkish Museum Card?

The Museum Card is one of the key elements in an attempt to increase social awareness among the Turkish citizens of the country’s rich cultural heritage, hence help to protect this millennia-old heritage. The obvious way to achieve this is by making visits to Turkey’s various museums more attractive and cheaper.

Normally the entrance fees of the various museums range between 1 and 20 TL, per person. But  now, with the introduction of the Müzekart, you pay an annual fee of TL 20 and obtain unlimited free access to over 300 museum nationwide.

How to Obtain the Müze Kart?

People can apply for the Museum Card online or at the following locations in Istanbul:

Can Foreigners Buy a Turkish Museum Card?

I have good and bad news. Let me start with the bad news. Until further notice, the Museum Card is only available to Turkish citizens.
However, the good news is that when I called the Ministry of Turkish Culture and Tourism today, the spokesperson said that it would be made available to tourists in the near future as well. Unfortunately she couldn’t confirm whether this would happen before this summer.

I of course will let you know the moment foreigners can apply for the Turkish Museum Card as well.

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