Map of the Scenic Bosphorus Tour Ferry Route

Romance at dusk during a cruise on the Bosphorus

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The map below shows the route that the ferry takes during the Scenic Bosphorus Tour. A cruise on the Bosphorus (Boğaziçi) is simply put an excursion you can’t afford to miss. There are plenty of highlights and the sea-breeze offers a welcome refreshment on hot summer days. Not to mention that the setting is extremely romantic at dusk.

On the map, you’ll see the route the ferry takes (back and forth) and the docks where it briefly stops to let people on and off. In chronological order (and from south/bottom to north/up), the boat icons represent the following docks:

  • Eminönü (Lower Bosphorus, European shore)
  • Beşiktaş (Lower Bosphorus, European shore)
  • Kanlıca (Middle Bosphorus, Asian shore)
  • Yeniköy (Middle Bosphorus, European shore)
  • Sarıyer (Upper Bosphorus, European shore)
  • Rumeli Kavağı (Upper Bosphorus, European shore)
  • Anadolu Kavağı (Upper Bosphorus, Asian shore)

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