Welcome to the photo gallery of Istanbul Trails!

What Is What?

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How To Navigate?

Experiment! Really, you can’t go wrong.

Ok, on top left of every picture, you will see the title and the date the picture is taken.

On the top right, you have three more links: comment, exif and info. Comment will take you to the comment section, where you can read existing comments and/or leave one yourself. Exif provides some technical properties of the picture. And info will take you to my picture notes.

If you hover your mouse on a picture, you may see small arrows appear. If you move your mouse to the left-hand side, the ‘prev arrow’ may appear, on the right-hand side this becomes ‘next arrow’. By clicking on them, you’ll be taken to respectively the previous or next picture.

That’s it. There is nothing more to it. I hope you appreciate the effort and am looking forward to read your comments. Oh yeah, a new picture is added every day, so make sure to bookmark and visit this site regularly!