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With most Istanbul sightseeing spots only open from 09:00 till 17:00, you of course want to make most of the day and not waste any time by having a timely lunch. Luckily, eating on the street is very much a part of local life. You can’t walk from corner to corner on a street, cross […]


Köfte is commonly translated as meatballs – but this is selling the Turkish versions a bit short. It is believed that there are 291 different kinds of meatballs (köfte) in Turkey. However, originally meatballs came from Iran. They called a mixture of vegetables and eggs covered with meat küfte. Once the Turks got their hands […]

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This may seem like a strange restaurant tip. Sultanahmet Köftecisi is a place that doesn’t have a real menu, obviously doesn’t care too much about its interior design, doesn’t serve alcoholic beverages, has no starters and only one dessert, expects you to vacate your table in less than 30 minutes, yet is a must-have-done experience […]