Istanbul Trails Picture Gallery

Istanbul Trails Photo Gallery

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As of today you can enjoy the state-of-the-art Istanbul Trails picture gallery. In my quest to provide my readers with the best Istanbul experience on the web, I decided that simply embedding a handful of pictures in an additional post was under par. Instead I created Istanbul Trails Photos, a place dedicated to photographs of Istanbul and an integral part of Istanbul Trails.

Aesthetic Intervention Required

It goes without saying that I take a lot of pictures while wandering around Istanbul and conducting research for my posts. But ever since I started this blog, I struggled to find an adequate way to present you these photographs. During the first year I embedded six to ten of them in a post, and used the Lightbox script to present you the bigger version of the thumbnails. But this little workaround started to generate errors. So since the New Year, bigger versions just showed up in a blank page. Not aesthetic, and annoying for my readers.

All Istanbul Pictures In One Place

There had to be a better way, so I searched, and searched … and found. I decided to give my pictures their own spot, embedded in a nice and easy to navigate design thanks to the Reflection theme. And you my dear reader, will benefit from it most! You no longer have to select a certain topic, you can see all the pictures at once by using the gallery page of Istanbul Trails Photos. Of course you can still browse by topic, by year or at random – it’s up to you. I suggest you read the Istanbul Trails Photos about page first, so you know how to make most out of this gallery.

But whichever option you chose, you will get even better informed than before. Every image comes with shot notes, exif information and a possibility to leave a comment. And last but not least, bookmark Istanbul Trails Photo, because I will add a new picture on a daily basis.

I hope you appreciate the effort and look forward to read your comments, here on in the photo gallery!

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